Gadjo Dilo (Full movie, English & Turkish subtitle)

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thekwelamafia says:

I think he came to steal their chickens!

superman19121976 says:

cel mai autentic film romanesc….inclusiv morometii….

lesintoboss says:

La jave sa les roms

Dafne Mania says:

teşekkürler! güzel filmdi..

ItiDauPesteNasuc says:

Daca nu stiam engleza,inseamna ca era indescifrabila scrierea mea,nu?
Asa ca…eu cred ca esti putin cam suparat pentru ca le spun oamenilor
ca denumirea le-a fost data gresita si dupa bunul plac . Asa ca…nu te
mai fi reclacitrant,mascota apludaca fascista! _I_

ItiDauPesteNasuc says:

Right. Rromanii language is a language Indo-European.

ItiDauPesteNasuc says:

I know that Rroma people are from India, but is derived from the English
gipsy Egyptian who believed that they came from Egypt.Gipsy name is
attributed to the wrong because they originate of India, not Egypt as
historians believed. It is not fair to call people at will, right? What people
do not understand is that the name “Gypsy” to is attributed to free.
The name is not only wrong and attributed its sole like the others,
but the name is also wrong and pejorative.

xxxAngelikaxxx says:

And Romani is a language in the same language family as Bengali and Hindi…

xxxAngelikaxxx says:

Egypt? All throughout my studies I have learnt they originate from India…

iancucornel says:

Învață engleza, după aia sa vorbești in pizda ma-ti de comunist, copil cretin turmentat cu sloboz

ItiDauPesteNasuc says:

Ce faci ma cioroiule,ai inceput sa te injuri de unul singur? ;)))

iancucornel says:


ItiDauPesteNasuc says:

The name “Gypsy” gave them a Romanian land.
The name “Gypsy” to designate the fifteenth century state
of slavery in which the gypsies were, not ethnicity.
Slave / (Tiganu) not have a social status but was
just a slave who was part of the property owner.
Ethnic Roma were like black slaves on plantations
on cotton. The name “Gypsy” is pejorative as
the Negro slaves who title: nigar or crows.

mickigoe says:

Thanks …. that’s interesting ……. never linked Eygpt to gypsy ……. and the words have three letters in common… but it’s really semantics , isn’t it ? BTW do Romanians see them as cultural equals ? I’m Irish and our gypsies insist on being called knackers and they maintain they have a different culture and are not Irish. This suits everyone.

ItiDauPesteNasuc says:

Gipsy are those people who are believed to originate from
Egipt. They are ethnic Rroma.

danijel savic says:

best film ever

mickigoe says:

Interesting how the civilied French dude degenerates as the movie progresses …… he embraces the values of the knackers …… the theme of the film seems to be that we’d all be happier as knackers …. far out , man !!

ARABU200 says:

da foarte frumos reusit filmu

Totte Jansson says:

rona hartner diro hoonkar chokart. horta romano.

Drops Vlad says:

Adriani ca mult ai scapat sapunu in parnaie :)))

darak81 says:


mickigoe says:

Mind you , it develops into a fine bit of fun – very enjoyable - didn’t think I’d empathise with Romany gypsies from my real life experience of them.

66TURKILLS says:

bu filme anlamadigim halde bakmistim tesekurler Turkçe altyazili paylastiginiz için yenide bakacam ;)

suhran france says:

respect pour ce ets film bravo ils pas mal com filme.

bbboook says:

bai mai vorbiti so voi romaneste nu tiganeste ca nu inteleg nimica ursari drecu

ladymarinaify says:


ladymarinaify says:


romyka79 says:

duete an gatu mati de roman prost la ce ai intrat sa anjuri daca nuti place

romyka79 says:

te seau o car ando mui le gadjengo cai den armia le romen

oftalmologik says:

il vad a treia oara si tot nu ma satur – genial !!!!!!

cemelize says:

Can use “Time Adjuster” software for subtitle syncronize.
ireksoftware (dot) com

moxica80 says:

namo jasco bai baro ca te has crocodilu

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